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Pest Control

Waste Management

Our Service Philosophy

We Offer our Clients

  consistently achieving housekeeping / cleaning objectives,

  in the most cost effective manner,

  without the day to day hassle,

… so that they can focus on their Main Activity.

Cleaning is our core business.
Achieving these objectives is our priority.

Our Services

Sparkle provides comprehensive House Keeping, Cleaning & Maintenance Services to:

School, College & University Hostels

Hospitals, Airport & Railway Stations

Hotel Public Area

All Kind of Polishing Works

All Type of Surfaces

All Types of Carpet & Upholstery

Top Outer Glasses Around High-Rise Buildings

Pest Control

Health Care Service

  The most stringent standards of cleanliness are observed to ensure a healthy, safe environment and to prevent spreading of infection within the hospital. With hospitals that are diverged in disciplines and design, our services are customized to meet the various conditions and needs with the aim of producing a clean environment that will contribute to the well being and comfort of patients, staffs and visitors.  

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

  We provide integrated services to take on demanding maintenance needs of High-rise Commercial building & Industrial premises from cleaning weather beaten exteriors to sophisticated interiors floor. We are fully equipped with the required expertise and equipment to meet the demand.  

Clinic & Domestic Waste Handling

  A highly specialized service undertaken with strict supervision. Approved routes and methodology of disposal is vitally essential to ensure no down-time to building occupants. The Disposal of dangerous and Sensitive materials are handled by experienced and well-trained personnel to ensure safety at all times, we provide waste segregation training and handling of waste to all our clients. We also provide the necessary color-coded bags, sharps, containers collection bins and advice on dealing with spillage in the safest and efficient manner.  

Cleaning Job Specification


Wet & Dry Mopping

Restroom Sanitization

Kitchen and Break Room Cleaning

Horizontal Surfaces Cleaning

High and Low Dusting

Upholstery Cleaning

Our Cleaning Process

Get Client Requirements

Survey The Total Area

Analyze The Need

Customize Cleaning Schedule

Assign The Work Force

Create Check List

Follow-Up With Check List

Accure Satisfactory Service

Meet The Clients Satisfactions